The majority of clients that come to see Dr. Sherri Taras are individuals who function well in most aspects of their lives, but who have problems or concerns in one or two areas. It is not uncommon for Dr. Sherri Taras to work with clients who simply want to understand and learn how they can be happier and enjoy their lives more. The number of session necessary for a given client varies for each individual. Seeing a psychologist often adds understanding, insight and practical tools to one’s own efforts to make a positive and lasting change.

Some presenting problem areas Dr. Sherri Taras has experience assessing and treating include:

  • Abuse or Trauma
  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement
  • Adjustment to illness or loss
  • Life Balance
  • Anxiety or Panic Disorder
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Career Challenges
  • Postnatal Depression and Infertility
  • Change and Transition
  • Relationship and Marriage Problems
  • Depression and Mood related concerns
  • Self-esteem
  • Dealing constructively with Anger
  • Stress

    Feeling Good:
    The New Mood Therapy

    by D M Burns


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